The Bible strictly says that we should never lie! Well, we all are striving for heaven but we must agree that a few times, there are those white lies that could save a  life.

Simply put, a white lie is defined as a harmless or small untruth, often done to spare someone’s feelings or for some other diplomatic reason. These little white lies are told out of kindness and purity  rather than to deceive or to be malicious to another.

A white lie is that, which is not intended to injure anybody in his fortune, interest, or reputation, but only to gratify a person and the itch of amusing people by telling them wonderful stories.

Everyone tells a white lie on occasion, am pretty sure. The major thing that you should keep your mind on is  just a question of why. You must have witnessed that some white lies do save relationships, some ease a hectic situation, and others even buy time.

The truth is, stretching the truth is a natural component of human instinct because it’s the easy way out. If I am to be honest, I believe that the world is probably a better place because of our white lies. All this leads to the conclusion that there are white lies that could save a life!

White lies that could save a  life!

I honestly believe that as long as we aren’t hurting others or breaking the law, these innocent lies can actually make life more pleasant. They can absorb potential friction between our varying personalities and moods

Right from the excuse why someone was late to work to a reason as to  why someone could not make it to that particular date. Don’t get me wrong. I know that It is morally wrong to lie, well sometimes. Sometimes it is morally neutral. Sometimes it is actually morally better to lie.

There is no moral argument against white lies to avoid hurting someone. There is a moral argument that it is wrong to cause hurt to someone when you could avoid it by shutting up, especially if it costs you nothing to actually shut up or cover it up.

So, whether white lies are wrong or not could go both ways. I understand how in many situations lying is not necessarily a bad thing. Still, I am a little bothered when it is unnecessary. The thing is, lying is too complicated that people dismiss it until something like adultery comes up. Also, not all lies go undetected, and once found out, they may leave a deep sense of regret and even loss of trust between a liar and the one that has been lied to.

Even when you may not want to acknowledge it, there are white lies that could save a life and they include the following;

White lies that could save a life.

I am Fine.

This has got to be the commonest white lie you have even told yourself. Believe it or not, there are people that do not actually care how you are but only ask you about it as a formality! We all know that this is the harsh reality. In most cases, you have realized that when someone asks how you are, the most automatic answer is “I am fine”! Great. Even when you have a splitting headache huh. I got you, right?

Sometimes, this is a white lie you could tell to save others the trouble of having to worry about you. Sometimes people around you are of a weaker health so if you go in telling them how unwell you are, it could stress them out, right?

Believe it or not lying about your well being could be positive in a way because there are people that are toxic enough to try and downplay your problems just to uplift their own issues. For such people, “ I am fine “ is just the right response even when you are sure your not!

Things would have been different if I was there!

Well, this is not really true is it? Because you are not  Superman and you cant  always make a difference, you know. But the truth is, that is how you want others to perceive you. You want others to feel safe around you or even feel like they are not alone when they go through a rough patch.

Imagine this statement is coming to you when you are at your lowest. You would not remain the same. I guarantee that you would feel assured and well, if you are going through a tempest, this alone would make you feel like you are not alone. Trust me when I say there are white lies that could save a life.

I’ll start working on that ASAP!

Oh come on! If I  were to work on it As soon as possible it would have been done already, right? This white lie is a reassurance that you are being considered and of course prioritized simply because telling you I have 10 things to do first would just irritate you.

Yes, Linda was with me last night. 

Have you ever lied for a friend just to get them out of trouble? Well I have!  I have simply because that’s what friends do and we agree and ask questions later. You could save a friend from a very critical situation or even a break up with this tiny little white lie. Think about it!

White lies that could save a  life!

Am not the person your looking for.

Have you watched a movie called The Terminator? Well if you have, you do recall the tragic story of Sarah Conor when she was hunted. The machine asked “Are you Sarah Conor?” and she simply responded with a “No”. That was a life saved, right?

Sometimes not giving away your identity to a stranger may not be the worst idea of a lie you know. If you choose to be Mr. or Mrs. Honesty, well it could end badly for you.

Thank you so much!  I love it! 

You cant tell me you have never done this before! This one of those white lies that could save a life for sure. It is simply because telling someone that their gift sucked would make you look like an insensitive idiot and would of course hurt their feelings. Did I mention it could earn you a slap?

Yeah, you look great in that dress. 

Well, many of us  have told this lie before. It’s simply because it’s better than being slapped, right?

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is lying with good intentions?

Some people who lie often do so with good intentions. We call these “white lies”, or lies that occur when the person wants to avoid causing someone else pain. A husband may lie to spare his wife’s feelings, or a father may lie to avoid his child’s tears.

What is an example of an emergency lie?

An emergency lie is an intentional lie to prevent harm on the third party. For example, when a person is looking for another to cause bodily harm, then one can lie about the whereabouts of the third party

What is a red lie?

A red lie is about spite and revenge. It is driven by the motive to harm others even at the expense of harming oneself, out of an angry desire for retribution.

What kind of lies are acceptable?

Many  have deemed it acceptable to lie to people who were emotionally fragile, near death, or would be confused by the truth. They also found it more ethical to lie when doing so would help others save face in public or concentrate on something important.

What does the Bible say about lying?

One of the seven deadly sins God hates is a lying tongue (Proverbs 6:16-17). Here is why God hates lying. A person who lies hates the individual they are lying to (Proverbs 26:28). And if you hate another human being, God views the hater as a murderer

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