When you wake up one day and your gut tells you your partner is cheating on you, you could be right or even wrong. However, there are signs that your is cheating on you and this is what I am here to dissect today.

First off, Cheating could also be termed as infidelity. What Is Infidelity? Infidelity is the act of being unfaithful to a spouse or other partner. It typically means engaging in sexual or romantic relations with a person other than one’s significant other, breaking a commitment or promise in the act.

No one could ever convince me that there is a reason as to why some partners do cheat, well aside from the fact that they do want to cheat! Whereas I know that people have come out to state that when you don’t give your partner time, they are less likely to cheat. Well, I have seen various partners cheating on the most caring people out there.

It could be that even that cheating partner definitely has no idea at all why they are cheating. Remember that even when one is good at the cheating game, there are signs that your partner is cheating on you and you can catch them. Below are the signs that your partner is cheating on you.

Signs that your partner is cheating on you.

Signs that your partner is cheating on you.


We as humans tend to be under too much stress when we have done something wrong and we are aware if it. There is no need for tension when one is innocent. If your partner appears stressed or anxious all the time, it could be a sign that they are definitely hiding something. This is especially true if they provide vague reasons for their stress, or if they seem more stressed when they usually are around you.

Changes in routine

After being with your significant other for a long period of time, you get to know their routine and have a sense of what a normal day looks like for them. It is important to note that changes in routine are to be expected and can be healthy. Yet, if your partner has made a major departure from their normal routine with little to no communication or explanation, it could be one of the gravest signs that your partner is cheating g on you

Some routine changes to look out for include Working longer or later hours, Changing the way they dress for work, Having meetings after work over drinks or dinner and also making new friendships that take up a significant amount of their time and energy.

Change in behavior

Change in behavior could be normal. However, Drastic changes in behavior can be a sign of infidelity. Perhaps, your partner has suddenly gone from being sedentary to going to the gym daily. While change and growth are normal, major changes in a short period of time, especially changes that make your partner more appealing to others could be an indication that something could be going wrong.

Loss of romance

There is no middle ground when it comes to this ladies and gentlemen! When there is infidelity in a relationship, one partner is no longer as interested in the other. This can lead to a loss of romantic feelings towards that person, which can manifest in many ways, including no longer celebrating special occasions, going out on dates, verbally expressing their love, or showing affection, among others.

In most cases, you will notice that when confronted about the lack of romance the unfaithful partner may not be receptive or fail to make any changes to their behavior. For instance, you may express that you would like them to spend quality time with you to which they may verbally agree to but fail to follow through with.

Changes in communication.

What could make a person that has been communicating well suddenly appear uninterested in communication? Beats my understanding. Oh Yeah, cheating! If you and your partner typically have always had a healthy communication in your relationship but they suddenly become quiet, it is definitely something to worry about. Maybe your partner has expressed that they have unmet needs or desires, and as a result of feeling unheard or ignored, has shut down. Perhaps your partner usually talks to you about their day at work, but suddenly responds with one or two words when you attempt to inquire about it.

These significant changes and lack of communication definitely means that they are now sharing those details with someone else, or that there is something they don’t want to lie about or disclose to you. Conversely, it could mean that your partner is experiencing frustration regarding unresolved issues and being distant as a result.

Signs that your partner is cheating on you.

Change in sexual desire.

Oh come on. Do I need to explain this? This is the biggest clue of all the signs that your partner is cheating on you. Whereas sexual desire or drive can be impacted by physical health, physiological changes, changes in hormone levels, people’s mental state, and the emotional health of our relationships. What am trying to say is that Your partner could be experiencing a physiological change, but their increased or decreased sex drive could also be a result of infidelity.

Decrease in Intimacy.

It is true that when there is a sudden decrease in sexual intimacy that cannot be explained by age, physiological/health reasons, psychological/emotional factors like depression, anxiety  or even  significant changes like having a baby or losing a loved one. It is also true however that your partner could have found other ways to meet their needs.

These partners may frequently make excuses, such as feeling too tired, having a headache, having a backache, or being too stressed, but refuse to take measures to resolve such issues. They also seem disinterested or unwilling to explore alternative options for ensuring their partner’s needs are met.

Gas lighting you.

When confronted with evidence of cheating, your partner may lash out by calling you crazy, suggesting you are seeing things wrong, invalidating your feelings, or making you question your reality. For example, a cheating partner who is overheard making plans with their lover may suggest their spouse was just hearing things, or they may redirect the conversation to your behavior and attempt to make you feel guilty for violating their privacy, not trusting them, or being paranoid.

Over protective of cell phones

The unfaithful partner is often overly protective of cell phones, tablets, or other electronic devices. For instance, they may hold their phone at an angle to prevent you from seeing who they are communicating with, or they may place their phone face down when you are near. They may also place a pin or code on their phone abruptly when they have never used one before.

Additionally, they may sneak away to talk or text privately and abruptly end conversations when you enter the room. Or they may get calls or messages late at night or early in the morning when they never have before. Conversely, they may keep their phone on silent so you never hear any notification alerts.


Frequently Asked Questions.

How does a cheater behave?

Sometimes, cheaters don’t always have a guilty conscience. A lack of guilt or remorse can lead to a complete disregard for the consequences of our actions. As a result, cheaters–and especially serial cheaters–may act impulsively, without concern for how their words or actions affect those around them

Why do I feel like my partner is cheating?

You may have trust issues. These thoughts mostly stem from trust issues. Many people who were cheated on by an ex or betrayed by parents and friends in the past, mostly face a tough time trusting their current partner. So, if your parents cheated on each other, you are more likely to expect the same in your own relationships.

How do I stop my partner from cheating on me?

Talk to your partner. This is the most important step of them all. Tell your partner how you feel. What do you want in your marriage or committed partnership? Lots of relationships fail when one or both partners try to avoid the conflict of bringing up uncomfortable topics.

How does an innocent person react when accused of cheating?

Innocent people can react to false accusations of cheating can in a variety of ways. Common reactions include surprise and disbelief, denial of the accusation, anger and frustration, a desire to prove their innocence, and a willingness to cooperate with any efforts to investigate the situation

What makes a man stay faithful?

To ensure your man is being faithful in a relationship, you need to be involved in all aspects of his life. Make it a regular habit to be updated on how he is faring with work, friends, finances, etc. Doing this shows him that you care, and he will always be encouraged to share both his worries and plans with you.

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