A Ugandan passport is a must have for every citizen of this country whether you are a citizen by birth or by registration.

This passport will help one to identify him/ herself anywhere in the world and prove one’s citizenship of being a Ugandan.

Most people in Uganda today, get passports in order to complete their travel requirements for those planning to journey outside the country.

Steps Summarised:

To apply for a Ugandan passport, go online to here https://passports.go.ug/, fill out the form and proceed to make payment after which you book a physical appointment with the passport office online at https://passports.go.ug/ and then finally collect your passport.

Below are the steps required to get a Ugandan passport.

Step 1: Get a computer (recommended) / phone with a stable internet connection

Step 2: Go to the official passport website here https://passports.go.ug/

Step 3: Get ready with your information, that of your parents, next of kin and a recommender

You will need to have your national ID on the side, national IDs of your parents if they are still alive and other things like phone numbers and emails for you, your parents, next of kin and recommender.

Step 4: Click Apply, Start New Application option

Step 5: Fill in the form with correct details up to where it asks you to submit.

Make sure to select the right type of passport for you, most Ugandans need an ordinary one of 48 pages which costs UGX 250,000 and takes 10 days to be ready.

In case you are in a hurry and need a Ugandan passport in just 2 days, please select the Express option, this will cost an additional UGX. 150,000 so you will pay a total of UGX 400,000.

Step 6: Choose a payment method before you submit,

You can choose to pay at a local bank of your choice or pay using your Visa or Mastercard

Step 7: Review all the details of the application and submit the form

Make sure to check the spelling of your name as a lot of people tend to misspell their names during the process.

After submitting the form, please save/ print out the document that will be displayed on screen or sent to your email.

Step 8: Pay for your passport using the means you chose in Step 6

If you selected payment through the bank, Print out the bank copy and go with enough cash as indicated on the print out in figures.

If you selected payment through Visa or Mastercard, there will be an additional form that pops up for you to fill in the card details i.e. the card number (in big numbers on the card’s face) and CVC code (a 3 digit number, at the back)

Prices for the different passport types are as follows

  • Ordinary passport (48 pages) – UGX 250,000
  • Official/service passport (64 pages) – UGX 400,000
  • Diplomatic passport (64 pages) – UGX 500,000

Note that any fees paid are 100% non-refundable according to the Ugandan passport office’s terms and conditions meaning you cannot get back your money if you have already paid it.

Step 9: Go back to the official passport website here https://passports.go.ug/ and schedule an appointment.

The appointment is a physical session where you will be required to go to the Ministry of Internal affairs passport office in Uganda or an Embassy for Ugandans abroad.

Questions concerning you will be asked by the passport officials, so make sure you’re well conversant with things like your birthdate, tribe, religion and others.

Step 10: Note the appointment details the website gives you either on email or phone and show up physically on that day at that exact time.

Step 11: Wait for the passport office to call you or notify you when the passport is ready for collection.

You can also track the status of collection for your passport on the official passport website here https://passports.go.ug/ by selecting, Application Status option.

How long does it take to get a passport after paying for it

A Ugandan passport will take approximately 10 working days to be processed, that is if you have ordered at the above prices.

However, if you pay an extra shs.150,000 for express service the passport can be printed and ready within 2 days.

But note that you have to select the express option while applying for the passport in the first place.

In case my internet becomes unstable or I want to continue later, can I save my work?

In case you already started the application and want to take a break and continue at a later time,

Click save and exit option at the bottom on the screen of the online application form.

This should display details that you will need to get back where you stopped i.e. you will have to memorise or take a screenshot or write down the details that include

Date of Birth
Phone Number
Security Question
Security Answer


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