We all recall how rising musician Grenade Official openly criticized Bobi Wine and the NUP party, right? Well, it seems this time, he ate his own words and had to swallow them. Grenade initially criticized  Bobi Wine right after  the formation of the Uganda National Musicians Federation but he has now declared his full support for Bobi Wine.

According to Grenade Official, Eddie Kenzo does not have what it takes to lead musicians to glory with the Federation but yet Bobi Wine is in a better position to influence  other artists and fans as well so he is the right person to lead musicians to their awaited glory.

Grenade Official

According to Grenade, he believes that it is only Bobi Wine who is capable of advocating for musicians’ rights, given his current position, authority and solidarity. Grenade further mentioned that other musicians are only after monetary gains and their own selfish interests rather than fighting for musicians’ rights.

After he left the Federation under Eddy Kenzo, Grenade decided to return to the scene a new person who believes in better role models than before.

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“I will fully support Bobi Wine in whatever he does because I know he feels for our industry. He can fight for our rights as Musicians and his voice can’t be silenced. I lost hope in other musicians because they have selfish interests.” He said


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