Sometimes, you may have the desire to get your relationship out of the public’s eye simply because you don’t Want anyone to be snooping around but rather you want to enjoy what you have going on with your partner. That is not a bad thought.

Keeping your relationship private is and will forever be  a better choice for you and your partner because it would  do away with the pressure of living under the false approval of social media. Every day, you choose to be with your partner simply on your terms. In my opinion, this is a more genuine relationship because you choose him or her and not because you feel you need to impress anyone but rather for yourself.

Some people however make one mistake in the whole process. Instead of keeping a relationship private, they keep it secret without knowing the difference.

The difference between privacy and secrecy in a relationship.

In a private relationship, both of you openly acknowledge each other. You always tell people that you are off the market and you have a lover or that you are in a relationship. In a private relationship, people  know you’re together  but they just don’t have access to everything that happens in your relationship. Both partners have no problem with conforming that hey are not single.

In a private relationship still, your family and friends do know who your significant other is.

In a secret relationship however, things are different. Someone who’s trying to date in secret keeps the person they’re dating hidden and the person they are dating is not allowed to  meet the people in their life.

People in secret relationships keep their relationship status as “single” and when they are  asked whether they’re seeing anyone, they say they’re not. In some cases, they’re either ashamed of the person they’re dating or trying to keep their options open (cheating)

Private relationship

Tips to keep your relationship private.

Do not put your relationship on social media.

If you love to post every little detail that goes on in your relationship with your followers, then this can  ever be a peaceful and private relationship. By so doing, you are giving all your viewers the right to snoop around and make comments about your partner and your relationship (and trust me you wont like the things you will hear from them)

When you place anything in the public space, anyone can form and share their opinions about it. No matter how mentally strong you both feel you are, you may always find yourself under pressure to avoid negative comments from people and to live up to their expectations of what they feel you should be. Instead of trying to be happy in your relationship, you will find yourself trying to please others with your relationship.

Do not talk about intimate details with anyone else.

This is for both ladies and gentlemen. Why would you go on about how good your partner was in bed or how many styles they can actually pull off like pro. We are not even sure whether  people you are telling are genuinely happy for you. Some may use it as a chance to snatch your partner and experience all the fantasies you just described ( Come on, we know about this, don’t we?)

Aside from that, your privacy will be jeopardized when you start sharing unnecessarily detailed information like reasons and your spouse’s fight, your partner’s weaknesses, and perhaps their or even your insecurities.

Avoid making personal celebrations public.

I know you want to celebrate a special occasion with your partner for instance your birthday or theirs, an anniversary or a special event. Well, you can do that without seeking for views and likes. Not everyone should know what and why you are celebration(well, not everyone will be happy for you anyways.) Stop jinxing it and celebrate with your partner in peace.

Do not search for validation from your friends.

Most of us are obsessed with what everyone around us has to say about our partners. Is my partner good enough to meet the societal standards that were set for me? You keep wondering about that so you end up letting many details slip about your relationship, something that jeopardized your security and privacy.

Sometimes you may find yourself  addicted to the approval and validation of others. Also, you may never seem to be happy unless people are around to see what happens between you and your partner. If you want a long and happy relationship, you need to stop doing this ASAP.

Avoid gloating confront of your friends.

As a woman, it can be tempting to share juicy details about your love affair with your girlfriends. You do not need to do this however because in the end, you will not get anything positive out of it. From some, you will receive criticism, judgement and of course the evil eye.

Remember that when you are happy with someone in private, you never have to prove it on social media!

Private relationship

Frequently asked Questions.

Is it OK to keep your relationship private?

It is okay as long as it is mutual. Keeping your relationship private is a personal decision that needs to be mutual. But no matter what you and your partner share or don’t share, the only thing that matters is that you both genuinely value each other more than the opinions of other people.

Why do people hide their partners?

It is majorly due to fear of the unknown. They feel that their friends would not see the person as an acceptable choice. Looks, job, social status, personality, sexual orientation, race etc.

What is the secret to real love?

Be authentic. To find real love, you must first emphasize your true self. If you want someone to love you through your moments of imperfection, you must first be willing to do that for someone else. Be real with yourself, so you are ready for someone else’s authenticity.

Should I keep my relationship a secret?

I do not advise this unless it is really necessary. Remember that Keeping a relationship secret can have the same effects as hiding any other part of who you are  it can make you feel anxious, isolated, insecure or jealous. That’s not how a healthy relationship should make you feel.

What are the six secrets of a lasting relationship?

The first letters of each of the six secrets make the acronym CREATE: chemistry, respect, enjoyment, acceptance, trust, and empathy


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