Precious Remmie, a prominent media personality and actress in Uganda’s film industry, is all set to unveil her latest cinematic masterpiece, “From Hurt to Healing.”

In a realm where only a select few have managed to carve a distinguished niche, Precious Remmie stands tall as an actress who has not only made a name for herself but also elevated her brand in the Ugandan movie landscape.

Her impressive repertoire boasts numerous cinematic achievements, with “From Hurt to Healing” being her latest contribution. This groundbreaking movie delves deep into the harrowing realm of domestic violence, shedding light on its devastating impact on both individuals and communities.

Precious Remmie takes on a dual role as both the lead actress and the director of this compelling production, operating under her own banner, Assuage Film Production.

The premiere of “From Hurt to Healing” promises an unforgettable experience, with tickets available at affordable rates:

  • Ordinary: Ugx 30,000
  • VIP: Ugx 50,000
  • Table: Ugx 1,000,000

For those eager to secure their seats, tickets can be obtained at designated locations, and reservations are currently underway via the following contact numbers: +256702676881 and +2567707535. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness a cinematic masterpiece that raises awareness about a critical issue affecting our society.


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