Henry Tigan, known for his hit song “Abogezi,” recently shared insights into his transformative experience at Bobi Wine’s Firebase camp. He revealed that prior to becoming close to Bobi Wine, he lacked clarity on various life matters.

During his tenure with his former manager, Suudi Lukwago, alias Suudiman, Henry was kept at a distance, requiring permission for simple outings, including birthday parties. However, parting ways with Suudiman led him to join Bobi Wine’s camp, where significant personal growth occurred through their interactions.

Bobi Wine

Henry Tigan, born Henry Tony Kirumaganyi, expressed deep appreciation for Bobi Wine, acknowledging his role in helping him understand the crucial aspects of life. Despite Bobi Wine’s busy schedule, Tigan emphasized the efforts to stay connected, often reaching out to Nubian Li, a close associate.

The collaboration between Bobi Wine and Henry Tigan on the track ‘Anegaanye’ received widespread acclaim across mainstream media platforms. Tigan highlighted how they respectfully referred to Bobi Wine as “Jajja” (an elder) in the music scene, appreciating his mentorship and invaluable advice that propelled their personal and musical growth.


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