Robinah Nambooze, widely known as Robin Kisti, renowned TV host, actress, model, and public speaker, has made a triumphant return to the small screen, securing a promising TV position with Urban TV.

Over the past few years, Robin Kisti has graced the screens of numerous news outlets, albeit briefly before taking a hiatus. However, the talented TV personality is now rejuvenating her career, poised to embark on a fresh and exciting journey with Urban TV.

Robin Kisti

Kisti herself confirmed this exciting development via her social media accounts, expressing her heartfelt gratitude for becoming a part of the Urban TV family. She shared her joy at receiving this opportunity, which she sees as a genuine answer to her prayers, and she encouraged her loyal fans to brace themselves for what’s to come.

While specific details such as the name of the show and its airing schedule remain undisclosed, reliable sources suggest that Kisti’s upcoming venture will be entertainment-centric. Robin Kisti’s return to television promises to be an eagerly anticipated revival of her dynamic presence on the airwaves.


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