In an exclusive interview with The Truth Gossip on YouTube, Juliana Kanyomozi, one of Uganda’s most esteemed female musicians, she shared insights into her recent music absence and upcoming projects. The accomplished singer and mother of one disclosed that she has been diligently working on a new album set to drop soon, collaborating with industry-leading producers and artists.

When questioned about her decision to decline a leadership role within the Uganda Musicians Association, Juliana cited her busy schedule as the reason for her reduced media presence.

Rumours of her being pregnant again have circulated, but the artist made no official confirmation.

Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana Kanyomozi recently graced the World of Sounds concert, where she performed alongside renowned artists like Myko Ouma, Maurice Kirya, Kenneth Mugabi, and A Pass.

She also weighed in on the Cindy Vs Sheebah battle, emphasizing the need for unity among Ugandan artists and highlighting the negative impact of online trolling.

Juliana encouraged Ugandan artists to be more proactive, drawing inspiration from the Nigerian music industry’s success in promoting their music internationally.

In her Independence Day message, she called on Ugandans to strive for self-sufficiency and urged fathers to take responsibility for their children.

Off-camera, Juliana denied the pregnancy rumours.


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