Many may remember Ugandan rapper Jocelyn Tracy, widely known as Keko, for her hit songs like “How We Do It” and “Let Me Go” that dominated the music scene in the early 2000s before she briefly left the country. Upon her return, Keko candidly discussed her position and her personal battle with mental health.

In a heartfelt revelation, Keko shared that she has faced significant challenges related to her mental well-being and has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. She expressed gratitude for the crucial mental support she received, which led her to connect with a psychologist and psychiatrist. This therapeutic intervention allowed her to address issues that had long remained buried and unspoken.

Keko emphasized the importance of regular communication with a trusted individual who can help tackle obstacles and challenges that may be difficult to share with others. She stressed that opening up and talking about one’s struggles can make them feel more manageable and less burdensome.

The rapper acknowledged that, following a period of therapy and medication, she is now on the path to recovery and firmly believes in her eventual return to a state of normal well-being.

Keko shared her journey, saying, “I actually had struggles with my mental health. I was actually diagnosed with schizophrenia, but thankfully with the right mental support, I was introduced to a psychologist and psychiatrist so I can get to talk to them if I can’t talk to anybody about something. You need to talk to somebody every now and then to help you out with some of the hiccups and difficulties you’re going through that you can’t speak to probably with anyone else, especially with young people they have different things they go through that they probably can’t talk just with anybody about. So, you need that voice that is independent that you can talk to. I just let it out, the more you talk about stuff the easier it becomes and the lighter it becomes. So where I am now is quite better, I got medication, and yeah, I am in a good health space right now.”


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