Priscilla Zawedde, also known as Azawi from Swangz Avenue, is making a big statement in Ugandan entertainment. She’s saying she’s the sexiest female singer in the country. Azawi is confident that no other female artist can grab the spotlight like she can.

Azawi is famous for her unique style. She wants people to know her clothing is a big part of who she is. She says it’s not just about showing off her sexuality, but expressing herself through what she wears.


She knows looks can be tricky. Azawi gives credit to her mom for giving her the confidence she has. She’s sure her partner knows how attractive she is and she believes she has the right to choose her own clothes without anyone telling her what to do.

After Azawi made her claim, many people talked about it on social media. Some asked her to prove it. The discussion is ongoing, sparking conversations about being true to yourself and cultural expectations in Uganda’s entertainment world.


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Azawi isn’t backing down. She’s confident and keeps impressing Uganda’s music scene, making her fans eagerly wait for what she does next. Azawi understands that how you look and how attractive you are don’t always match. Many women who seem feminine might have different qualities when it comes to their sexuality. She says her confidence comes from her mom, who raised her to be strong and sure of herself.


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