Rapper Keko, who recently returned to Uganda after six years in Canada, has been actively sharing her mental health struggles in interviews with various local media outlets. In a recent interview, she discussed the reasons behind the breakdown of her friendship with fellow musician Sheebah.

The once-close duo, celebrated for their strong bond and shared love for music, shocked fans when they went their separate ways. Keko revealed that a major factor in this rift was Sheebah’s decision to work with her former manager, Jeff Manager, to pursue her musical goals.

Keko believes that Jeff Manager played a role in advising Sheebah to end their friendship, though the exact reasons remain known only to him. She understands that Sheebah felt compelled to follow her manager’s guidance due to her ambition for stardom.


Distance also played a significant part in straining their friendship, according to Keko. Despite the rift, Keko expressed her satisfaction with Sheebah’s success in prioritizing her musical career over their friendship.

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Keko mentioned that she is always open to discussing or collaborating on musical projects with Sheebah, and she is willing to take necessary steps to rebuild their once-close bond.


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