Equity Bank Uganda is facing anger from the public again. A customer, Farook Ssekandi, filmed himself at the bank’s main branch, frustrated after Shs 10 million disappeared from his account.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the bank received criticism for how they handled Farook Ssekandi’s case. Ssekandi accused the bank of taking Shs 10 million from his account.

Ssekandi went to the bank’s Head Offices on Kampala Road when he couldn’t find help from the bank. In a video that spread widely, he showed that when he asked about his missing money, the bank employees avoided him, leaving empty seats at the counters.

He said, “I am here crying for my money, but there isn’t anyone to help.” Another customer also mentioned losing Shs 1.5 million.

Equity Bank acknowledged Ssekandi’s situation in a statement on Wednesday. They suggested that Ssekandi’s account might have been compromised after he lost his mobile phone.

Many customers have shared similar stories of losing money with the bank. One customer, Edith Nakacwa, said Shs 21 million was taken from her account in unclear circumstances in 2021. She struggled to get help from the bank until she went to the press.

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In February this year, Rose Ahebwa, another customer, stated that all her money totaling Shs 47 million vanished shortly after she opened an account with Equity. Months earlier, Angella Namatovu, a councilor in Kajjansi, also went public about Shs 5 million disappearing from her account.


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