Many men feel insecure in bed, and they often worry about living up to certain expectations. To ease these insecurities, communication plays a crucial role. We spoke to some men about the words that drive them wild in the bedroom, and here are the top things women can say to make their partners feel amazing.

1.”Baby, I love it when you touch me.”

Good communication and affectionate words can make a man feel great. Whispering in his ear while you touch him can convey your appreciation and boost his confidence.

Bedroom things

2. “Don’t stop.”

Encouraging your partner not to stop can intensify his passion and desire to please you. It shows him that he’s making you happy.

3. “I didn’t know you were such a good kisser.”

Many men doubt their kissing skills, so complimenting his kisses can boost his self-esteem and make kissing more exciting for both of you.

Bedroom Things

4. “I want you, baby.”

Expressing your desire with urgency in your voice can make a man feel desired and increase his excitement.

5.”Call out his name loudly.”

Men love to hear their names during intimate moments. It shows that he’s bringing you pleasure and makes the connection more intense.

6.”Make that loud moaning.”

While faking it is not necessary, many men appreciate when their partner expresses their pleasure vocally. It can be a turn-on and boost his confidence.

Bedroom Things

7.”That’s cute.”

Complimenting his performance and telling him how amazing it was can make him feel appreciated and encouraged to do better next time.

8.”I didn’t know sex could be this good.”

Hearing that the experience was exceptional can make a man feel like a champion. It boosts his confidence and ego.

9. “You are the best I’ve ever had.”

Men appreciate knowing that they are better than the rest, even if they don’t always admit it. This line can make a man feel more confident and skilled.

10. “OMG! You are so big.”

Men often wonder about their size compared to others. Hearing this compliment can be a big ego boost and make a man feel special and desired.


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