In a groundbreaking partnership, Airtel Uganda, the nation’s leading 5G telecommunications company, and Huawei have taken a pioneering step towards bridging the digital divide in Kanungu District. Their joint initiative has provided 200 Smartphones to teachers, health workers, social workers, and local leaders, ushering in a new era of enhanced community service through internet connectivity and smart devices.

Kanungu, Uganda – Airtel Uganda and Huawei, in a concerted effort to revolutionize digital access in Kanungu District, distributed 200 smartphones to key community members, amplifying their ability to serve and uplift their communities. The event, held in Kanungu, witnessed Airtel Uganda’s Legal and Regulatory Director, Mr. Dennis Kakonge, deliver a keynote address emphasizing the transformative potential of internet connectivity for community development.

Mr. Kakonge stated, “In today’s fast-paced world, access to information and seamless communication is vital for personal and community development. Airtel Uganda understands the transformative potential of smartphones, which is why we are proud to provide affordable services.”

Each smartphone distributed is bundled with 5 GB of Airtel data every month for three months, aiming to harness the life-changing power of affordable and seamless connectivity. This provision empowers educators to access essential resources, healthcare providers to deliver better services, and local leaders to coordinate community projects more efficiently.

The event was graced by the presence of Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, the Minister of ICT and National Guidance, who has played a pivotal role in shaping policy reforms to make connectivity more accessible and affordable. This initiative reflects Uganda’s commitment to digital inclusivity and fostering innovation.

Airtel Uganda expressed its gratitude to HUAWEI, their partner in this endeavor, for their unwavering support in making this initiative a reality. Together, they are not merely providing smartphones; they are offering tools for progress and a brighter future for the people of Kanungu.

Mr. Kakonge urged the beneficiaries to use these devices responsibly to drive positive change in their lives and communities. The event signifies a significant milestone in Airtel Uganda’s mission to connect communities, enhance learning, and improve social service delivery.

The Minister for ICT thanked the partners for their dedication and encouraged them to extend this initiative to other underserved areas across the country. “A smartphone is a tool of change. As a government, we will continue to explore partnerships to accelerate connectivity for everyone. We are also exploring avenues for reducing tax rates on devices as envisaged in the National Development Plan III,” Dr. Chris Baryomunsi remarked.


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