Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) President Eddy Kenzo recently addressed the escalating rumors of a musical showdown with fellow artist King Saha during an interview with Baba TV.

In a significant shift from his previous stance, Kenzo emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration within the music industry over engaging in competitive battles.

The initial spark for the music battle discourse came when Eddy Kenzo hinted that he would only consider participating in a music battle if it were to take place in West Africa.

King Saha responded by expressing his readiness to meet all of Kenzo’s conditions to make the musical duel a reality.

However, Kenzo now embraces a more reconciliatory perspective, asserting his deep affection for all his colleagues in the music industry as the UNMF president. He underlined his amicable relationship with King Saha, making it clear that there is no animosity between them.

Kenzo further elaborated on his principles, which prioritize the promotion of unity, love, and the avoidance of conflicts with fellow musicians. While he holds no objections to others engaging in musical battles, he firmly stated that he would never personally partake in such activities.


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