In a heart-wrenching announcement today, 16 October 2023, renowned singer Eezzy, born Opoka Eric, and his wife, Kimberly, shared the devastating news of their newborn son, Omara Seth Arwota, passing away.

Omara Seth Arwota was born on 1 October 2023, and although he arrived with boundless promise and hope, his time on this earth was tragically cut short.

Eezzy and his wife, Kimberly

In the brief moments they spent with their beloved son, he brought immeasurable joy and love into their lives. But destiny had other plans, and their precious child’s journey was far too brief, leaving Eezzy and Kimberly utterly devastated, their hearts shattered.

Amidst their profound grief, Eezzy turned to his social media platforms to inform his fans, followers, and loved ones about this tragic loss.

In this difficult time, Eezzy and Kimberly earnestly request the support and prayers of their dedicated fans and compassionate well-wishers as they embark on the challenging journey of healing.

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As of now, the couple has not yet announced the details of their son’s burial arrangements. Rest assured, we will promptly provide updates as more information becomes available.


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