Norway’s embassy in Uganda is set to close its doors by the end of July 2024 as part of a broader restructuring of its diplomatic missions around the world. This decision comes in the wake of Norway’s efforts to streamline its foreign services to better align with national interests and enhance the effectiveness of its global engagements.

The embassy confirmed the closure in a statement issued on Friday, emphasizing that while they would be scaling up their presence in certain locations, corresponding downsizing measures were necessary in other areas. Notably, Norway had already shuttered five missions in July of the previous year.

The decision to close the embassy in Kampala was explained as a result of comprehensive administrative assessments aimed at optimizing the allocation of foreign service resources. Norway has maintained a presence in Uganda since 1994, with the embassy also overseeing diplomatic relations with Rwanda and Burundi. Despite the impending closure, Norway expressed its commitment to maintaining the strong bilateral relations that have developed over the years, particularly in the realm of development cooperation.

The embassy assured that ongoing development projects, covering areas such as education, health, agriculture, and assistance to refugees, will continue unaffected. A significant portion of the current aid is already administered by the Norwegian development agency, Norad, with future cooperation to be managed jointly by Norad and another yet-to-be-determined mission in the region.

Norway’s long-standing partnership with Uganda remains highly valued, underlining its dedication to preserving the robust ties between the two countries, even as the embassy prepares to conclude its operations in Kampala.


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