Gulu City, [Current Date] – Gulu City came alive over the weekend as Bell Lager, the iconic East African brewer, bestowed a tantalizing preview of the inaugural ObaFest. The festivities unfolded at Kweyo Village, ushering in the electrifying spirit that ObaFest promises on Sunday, October 22nd, at the magnificent Jahazi Pier.

This lively Gulu experience featured a remarkable lineup of entertainment, with top-tier local talents taking center stage. Pato Loverboy, Pretty B, the Dance Masters Troupe, and Eezy dazzled the audience, supported by the charismatic MCs Mercy, Young Moni, and Lucky.

Bell Lager’s ObaFest, a beer festival that honors the richness of East African cuisine, music, and culture, teased the city’s residents with a glimpse of what to expect at the grand event. The Gulu gathering was a microcosm of the forthcoming celebration, offering a tantalizing assortment of South Sudanese cuisines, group games like matatu, ludo, snakes and ladders, and, of course, the ever-refreshing Bell Lager to ensure the merriment never ceased.

A highlight of the experience was a vibrant mini-parade, led by a fleet of Bell Lager-branded matatus. These Kenyan-style public transport vehicles are renowned for their distinctive designs and pulsating music, setting the tone for the festivities as they rolled into the city.

Grace Amme, the Bell Lager brand manager, couldn’t contain her enthusiasm as she expressed, “Gulu was an absolute vibe, a mere taste of what awaits our patrons this Sunday at Jahazi Pier. ObaFest promises to be a groundbreaking celebration of beer, culture, and everything that fills us with East African pride.”

For those eager to partake in this extraordinary celebration, tickets can be secured through Flexipay at a wallet-friendly 30k for early birds, or 50k at the gate.

With this enchanting prelude, Gulu City’s residents are poised to embrace ObaFest’s magic and immerse themselves in the cultural richness and camaraderie that define the heart of East Africa.


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