Former Swangz Avenue singer Irene Ntale has finally broken her silence regarding why she declined to participate in Vinka’s first video shoot. The song in question was a collaboration recorded during their close association at Swangz Avenue.

Ntale’s refusal to participate was driven by a series of unresolved issues that had strained their relationship. The collaborative track, titled “Stylo,” had been planned for a video shoot, but Ntale appeared disinterested when the time came.

Her absence left Vinka on the verge of tears, bewildered as to why her once-close associate would treat her this way. When Ntale eventually showed up, her attitude was notably unpleasant, causing Vinka considerable distress.

Irene Ntale

Vinka shared her perspective on the incident, saying, “My friend came with an attitude… and I didn’t know why… She is refusing outfits they’re giving her… During the shooting, Irene decided to leave the set, and she left… She threw a tantrum and left… I cried at the shoot.”

When asked if she had wronged Ntale in any way, Vinka insisted that she hadn’t, and she remains uncertain about the cause of their falling out.

In response to a fan’s question during a Q&A session, Ntale dismissed the incident as allegations and declined to elaborate on the specifics of what went wrong. She also revealed that life at Swangz Avenue was harmonious until she aspired for more, which led to her departure, and she has never been the same since.

Swangz Avenue currently boasts talented artists like Vinka, Elijah Kitaka, Winnie Nwagi, and Azawi. Ntale, on the other hand, is remembered for her remarkable talent, but one must delve into the archives to fully appreciate her contribution to the music industry.


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