During a candid talk show, Nation Media’s Bina Baibe, formerly known as Robinah Mbabazi, made a startling confession that unfolded on live camera.

The discussion centred around her love for romance and the significance of foreplay before engaging in intimate relations with her partner. The engaging conversation featured Bina Baibe, Kasuku, and Doreen Nasasira, who openly shared their personal love life experiences.

The revelation occurred when Kasuku playfully suggested that women who enjoy foreplay lasting up to an hour never experience an orgasm. The comment triggered laughter from Doreen and Bina Baibe. However, it was Bina Baibe, a Dembe FM personality, who decided to reveal that she had experienced an orgasm.

In a moment of realization, Bina Baibe, having already spoken her mind, burst into laughter alongside her co-hosts.

It’s worth noting that Bina Baibe previously shared an encounter where she found herself in an intimate situation at the UMA show grounds at night, in the open. To her delight, she vividly described the experience as enjoyable.

To witness Bina Baibe’s surprising revelation, watch the video.


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