For the first time, singer and songwriter Yese Oman Rafiki has shed light on his tumultuous breakup with Vivian Tendo. The split had been marred by threats and resulted in Tendo seeking public assistance.

In July, Vivian Tendo celebrated her joyous wedding with her fiancé, Pastor Moses Waiswa Tinsley, in a heartwarming, intimate ceremony on the picturesque sandy shores of Mombasa.

Prior to this blissful occasion, the couple held a traditional introduction ceremony at Vivian Tendo’s family residence in Kiwumu, Kalambi–Buloba, situated along Mityana Road.

Curiously, Vivian’s former manager, Yese Oman Rafiki, who had initially introduced her to the music industry during his tenure at Route Entertainment, was conspicuously absent from the wedding.

During a TV interview, Yese Oman Rafiki addressed the reasons for his nonattendance at Tendo’s marital events. He explained that he isn’t one to attend social functions and has often missed such gatherings over the years, citing his current busy schedule.

He remarked, “I’m deeply engrossed in my ongoing projects, and besides, I wasn’t extended an invitation, which is perfectly fine.”

Yese Oman Rafiki’s estrangement from Vivian Tendo led to a hiatus from his professional pursuits as he reportedly sought assistance at a mental health facility to recuperate from the shock left by the young singer.


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