In the previous year, Speaker of Parliament Hon Anita Among and other Members of Parliament nearly halted the Nyege Nyege Festival. The event’s survival depended on the intervention of the Prime Minister, ultimately resulting in a triumphant celebration.

To safeguard against potential disruptions this year, a collaborative planning meeting between government entities and private sector stakeholders convened recently at the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity. This meeting was held in preparation for the 8th edition of the Nyege Nyege Festival, scheduled for November 9-12 in Jinja City.

Chaired by Hon. Rose Lilly Akello, the Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity, this meeting gathered representatives from pivotal players such as Uganda Breweries Limited, the festival’s main sponsor, Nyege Nyege organizers, Talent Africa, Busoga Kingdom, Uganda Police, the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance, among others. The discussions delved into a range of essential issues.

According to an insider present at the meeting, stakeholders conducted an extensive review of last year’s festival, with a focus on security and ethical concerns. Subsequently, they outlined strategies for enhancing this year’s festival.

The source revealed that stakeholders have established a “National Organizing Committee” for the festival, set to convene its inaugural meeting in the coming week. This committee’s mission is to synergize efforts, magnify the festival’s impact, and further boost its already-positive socio-economic influence on the Ugandan population.

Nyege Nyege consistently draws thousands of both Ugandan and international visitors to the picturesque banks of the River Nile every year. The festival promotes Uganda as a vibrant hub for entertainment and hospitality, offering tourists a glimpse of the country’s diverse travel destinations.

The festival’s organizers reported that in 2019, it attracted approximately 13,000 attendees, with 4,000 hailing from foreign countries. Last year, approximately 15,000 enthusiastic festival-goers participated, including 10,000 Ugandans, 3,000 Kenyans, and 2,000 international guests.


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