The annual Oktoberfest event at Cricket Oval last Saturday evening featured an unexpected surprise that transported revelers down memory lane. Headlined by popular performers Koheen Jayce, Cindy, and Jose Chameleone, the night had much more in store, courtesy of a surprise appearance by Tanzanian veteran artiste TID.

TID, who dominated the charts in the early 20s and graced East African TV screens with hits like “Nyota Yako,” “Zeze,” and “Siamini,” made a special appearance in Uganda alongside Jose Chameleone. He didn’t just attend the event but also took the stage to perform, treating the audience to two of his iconic songs, including “Siamini.” Surprisingly, many in the crowd seemed unfamiliar with him, even after Chameleone introduced him as a legendary artist.

Tanzania’s veteran artiste TID.

Jose Chameleone’s performance was a crowd-pleaser, featuring hits like “Kuma Obwesigwa,” “Wale Wale,” “Forever,” “Baliwa,” and “Valu Valu,” among others.

Cinderella Sanyu stole the show with her engaging performance. Despite not closing the event, she had the audience enthralled as she and her dancers moved in sync with each song. Her song selection, including “Boom Party,” “Still Standing,” “Ndi Mukodo,” and “Copy Cat,” was on point, captivating the crowd.

Although the event experienced a lower turnout, the atmosphere remained lively throughout. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the DJ mixes during artist intervals, ensuring that boredom never had a chance to set in.


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