For anyone who is in love with the finer things, elegance and sophistication, a new star has emerged on the nightlife scene in the form of Noni Vie Bar and Restaurant.

On Friday night, the hot new establishment located in Lugogo opened its doors in a spectacular grand opening ceremony that was topped with a beautiful display of fireworks.

Outside the bar, Johnnie Walker set up a mini lounge where guests were welcomed with tasty cocktails and a Johnnie Walker Gold Label backdrop where they posed for the cameras.

And once inside, guests were blown away by the ambience of Noni Vie that oozed elegance and sophistication. It was indeed a visual feast with its exquisite choice of interior design, plush seating and an atmosphere that set the stage for an unforgettable evening.

It was evident that the collaboration with Johnnie Walker Gold Label was a perfect match, as played a crucial role in elevating the revellers’ experience to new heights.

The Noni Vie bar remained busy all through the night, and the attendees didn’t disappoint, as they went on a bottle-popping spree of their favourite whisky from the Johnnie Walker catalogue.

“Johnnie Walker is right at home here. Tonight marks a moment in time when we start a journey of progress with Noni Vie, a sanctuary of sophistication. We are excited to be bringing Kampala party people more of the hottest and most luxurious experiences in town. This partnership has set the stage for many more extraordinary moments,” said Christine Kyokunda, Johnnie Walker Brand Manager.

Aside from the premium service and Gold Label liquor that coloured the space, renowned Chef- Eduardo Bordereau, all the way from the United Kingdom, stole the show with his mastery of fine cuisine on display.

Chef Bordereau, a key culinary mastermind at British actor Idris Elba’s esteemed restaurant- Porte Noire, blew revellers away with a menu that not only tantalized their taste buds but also brought a heightened appreciation for the art of fine dining.

Collaborating with Uganda’s exceptional Chef- Zein Abdallah, the duo infused the grand opening with a fusion of delicious and enticing flavours that left many either salivating or satisfied.

Entertainment for the night was the icing on the cake. DJ Lebza, The Villain from South Africa took command of the DJ booth and proved to all that he is the greatest in the game. His mixes were an intoxicating blend of exciting afrobeats, amapiano and international tunes which added to the already energetic spirit of the crowds.


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