Game meat refers to meat that is obtained from animals that are hunted in their natural habitats, and over the years, this delicacy has become increasingly popular in Uganda with restaurants and popular brunch venues serving the unique and bold dishes, such as crocodile, impala, ostrich, wildebeest, springbok and more.

Upon hearing that game meat will be a part of the enjoyments at the upcoming ‘Cheers to the Holidays’ edition of Roast and Rhyme happening this Sunday at Jahazi Pier Munyonyo, we sat down with Humphrey Owino from The Meat Inferno! – a game meat vendor – for a talk about the delicacy and what he has in store for attendees this Sunday.

What is it that makes game meat appealing?

The biggest appeal game meat has is the fact that it’s very rare and very natural. The meat is very soft, tender and sweet due to the free-living nature of the animals in their natural environment without interference.  

Which are the most popular delicacies from the game variety in Uganda, and which will you have at Roast and Rhyme?

The most common types are antelope, buffalo, crocodile and so on, but these are only sold at places with the right certifications. But they are very delicious, and for the places where they are legally sold, it is an exceptional experience.

At Roast and Rhyme, we will be serving delicious camel meat, rabbit and guinea fowl.

Is it true that you will be using Bell Lager to make a special sauce for the meat? If so, can you share the recipe?

Yes, we will be using Bell Lager as part of the ingredients to spice up the game meat, and we will use it at different stages. First, as a special marinade sauce, and second, as a glaze – which we smear on the meat when it is almost ready to add the final flavour and give it that glittery look.

As for the marinade recipe, we shall be sharing this recipe at Roast and Rhyme and when you come by our stall, you will be able to get the recipe.

‘Bell na Nyama’ combos – where a grilled meat meal is paired with Bell Lager – are increasing in popularity. Do you have any such combos planned?

Yes, we shall be having Bell na Nyama combos for game meat in two varieties: the couple platter and the group platter for 4-5 people and we encourage you to come with your loved ones and enjoy this unique delicacy as a couple or as a group.

Besides delighting us with these unique delicacies, what else are you looking forward to from the event?

We are mostly looking forward to creating awareness about wild meat and having more people enjoy it. We want to encourage people to look outside the closed circle of what they usually eat. Barbeque is supposed to be an experience, and we want people to have the very best at this edition of Roast and Rhyme so that their appreciation of game meat can grow and we return at the next edition with an even wider variety of rare meat.

This edition of Roast and Rhyme will officially launch the festive season, and Bell Lager and Swangz Avenue are looking to appreciate the Roasters and Rhymers for their continued support. Tickets are available at or on FlexiPay by dialling *291# at 7ok early bird and 100k at the gate.


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