Confronting your partner about cheating can be tricky. If they say these five things, they might be hiding something.

  1. “How can you not trust me?”
    • If you ask about their actions and they accuse you of not trusting them, they might be avoiding the issue.
  2. “It doesn’t mean anything”
    • If they downplay their actions, like meeting someone secretly, by saying it doesn’t mean anything, it’s a red flag.
  3. “You made me cheat”
    • Blaming you for their actions is a way to shift responsibility. Remember, cheating is their choice, not your fault.
  4. “I love you; I don’t love him or her”
    • If they admit to cheating but claim it’s just physical, it’s important to acknowledge the breach of trust.
  5. “And what about you when you…”
    • Accusing you of past mistakes is a tactic to confuse and deflect blame. Be wary of being manipulated.

Remember, it’s essential to be in a relationship where trust is valued, and both partners take responsibility for their actions.


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