In a groundbreaking move, breakout sensation Joshua Baraka has recently dropped his much-anticipated third EP, “Growing Pains,” representing a significant leap in his musical journey. Teaming up once again with his trusted collaborator Axon, the EP unveils a captivating fusion of talent and global partnerships, deviating from his earlier projects, “Watershed” and “Baby Steps.”

Renowned for the success of his chart-topping single “Nana” and subsequent accolades, Joshua Baraka strategically times the release of “Growing Pains” to coincide with the holiday season, aiming to treat his fans to a musical delight. The Ugandan artist’s versatility takes center stage in this latest offering, delving into themes of familial struggles and the intricacies of love, showcasing his evolution as an artist.

The EP serves as a musical chronicle of Joshua’s personal journey and the obstacles he surmounted to attain his current level of success. Through a seamless blend of dancehall, R&B, and flawless production, Joshua collaborates with international talents such as Yaw Tog from Ghana and Magixx from Nigeria, breaking musical barriers across Uganda, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Recognizing this release as a pivotal moment in his career, Joshua Baraka believes that his past experiences have converged to create this extraordinary project. With standout singles like “No Lie” featuring Magixx and “Dreams,” “Growing Pains” is now available for streaming on various major platforms, expanding its reach and leaving an indelible mark on the music scene.


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