Ernest Nsimbi, the CEO of Baboon Forest Entertainment and renowned rapper known as GNL Zamba, has revealed his decision to retire from the music industry after over a decade of captivating fans with his music.

With a career spanning more than 10 years, GNL Zamba has left an indelible mark on the hip-hop scene with groundbreaking hits that continue to inspire new generations of artists.

His lyrical prowess has always carried messages of teaching, hope, motivation, hard work, and encouragement across various aspects of socio-economic life.

Zamba took to his online platforms earlier today to announce his retirement from music, expressing his intention to pursue a career in teaching. However, he plans to bid farewell to his music career in style by organizing a grand concert in Kampala.

In a public announcement, he called upon promoters willing to collaborate with him and his team to organize a well-produced show that celebrates the music which has inspired Millennials and Generation Z.

Zamba emphasized his desire for a memorable event, stating his intention to retire after this final concert.

His post on social media reads: “PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Looking for a promoter to help my team and I to organize a show in #Kampala. Many of my fans new and old after seeing the Boston #GNLHomecoming Summer show promos have asked and truly deserve a well produced show in the city that raised us to celebrate the music that inspires Millennials and a Generation “Z”amba. I need $50,000 only, this will be my last show as I would like to retire and become a teacher. Anyone with the resources and experience can reach out to my team or message my management directly. +1 (424) 346‑0463 🇺🇸 WhatsApp Business DM. This message comes to you this first day of April! Looking forward to collaborating with you.”

With this announcement, GNL Zamba marks the end of an era in Ugandan music, leaving behind a legacy of impactful lyrics and memorable performances.


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