Deputy Director of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), Sylvia Damalie Owori, has announced her bid for the Tororo Woman Member of Parliament seat in the upcoming elections, setting the stage for a showdown against incumbent Hon. Sarah Opendi. The decision comes amidst a backdrop of controversy, with Owori vehemently denying allegations of land disputes with over 15 families in Tororo municipality.

A 2023 expose by The INDEPENDENT detailed accusations against Owori, alleging her use of security connections to displace families from their homes. These claims were further amplified in Uganda’s Parliament by Sarah Opendi, sparking a public feud between the two contenders.

In a series of tweets, Owori condemned Opendi’s actions, accusing her of spreading baseless accusations and engaging in personal attacks out of fear of electoral competition. Owori denounced Opendi’s behavior as unprofessional and detrimental to the democratic process, calling for a focus on serving constituents rather than engaging in divisive politics.

Despite ongoing legal efforts to resolve the land disputes, Owori asserts that Opendi persists in biased behavior and malicious actions, including questioning Owori’s Ugandan nationality. Owori’s decision to enter the political arena marks a departure from her renowned status as a fashion designer, signaling a determined effort to challenge Opendi’s incumbency and address what she perceives as a need for change in Tororo’s representation.

As the race for the Tororo Woman MP seat intensifies, Owori’s candidacy promises to inject new dynamics into the political landscape, with implications reaching beyond the realm of electoral competition to encompass issues of land rights, governance integrity, and the role of women in Ugandan politics.


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