By Reagan Ssempijja 

On June 22, at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel, the BLU 3 girls – Jackie Chandiru, Lillian Mbabazi and Cindy, graced the same stage for the first time since 2008. The concert was organized and powered by Talent Africa Group, Stanbic Bank, and Tusker Malt respectively.

By 6:00pm, the stage was lit. The euphoria among fans had already hit the skies. Security was already in place, armed with whatever they are always armed with, but this time, with a little smile – as if to say, it is all well, tonight. 

Without any curtain raisers, no stage entry gimmicks – only armed with their vocal prowess, and signature black leather outfits, the Blu 3 divas were worth the wait. 

The girls were ushered in with a recorded symphony of their melodic voices, something that got the crowd itiching to see all three on stage.

The Mcees of the night – Kella McKenzie and Deedan Muyira stepped on stage at 9:00pm, clad elegantly for the reunion.
30 minutes in, they intruced BLU 3 on stage.

While many expected Hitaji to be one of the last songs to be performed, it was a perfect opener for the first set, setting the right pace and energy for the rest of the night.

The next lineup of songs included Frisky, Kakana, and Mutima Gwange, among others. Each of the divas would then have a solo session, with Mbabazi taking the lead. Besides her captivating voice which needs no essay to explain, Mbabazi was surprisingly joined by Lydia Jazmine – performing Dagala together.

Chandiru followed with her solo act, chipping with Agasi, How Come Feat Rabadaba, and closing with Gold Digger. Musician Vinka had a moment with Chandiru, performing Bailando together. The former would reveal how much of an influence and inspiration Chandiru was in the earlier days of her career.

The highlight of the night, as expected was Cindy’s solo act, which got the crowd screaming their voices horse, especially when she performed Copy Cat.

Finally, the trio would later return on stage to close the show with the crowd’s favourite songs –Kankyakyankye, Burn, Where You Are, and Nsanyuka Nawe. 

The Blu 3 reunion concert was, without mincing words, a success – one that lived up to its billing. The production and organisation by Talent Africa group, to aptly put it, commendable. 


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