The Judiciary of Uganda has refuted media claims misrepresenting comments made by the Permanent Secretary and Secretary to the Judiciary, Dr. Pius Bigirimana.

The inaccurate reports suggested that Dr Bigirimana questioned the legitimacy of Parliament’s authority to summon him for accountability purposes.

The Judiciary has clarified that these claims are a distortion of Dr Bigirimana’s remarks made during a recent presentation.

On July 2, 2024, Dr. Bigirimana was invited to speak to Administrative Officers at Hoima Resort Hotel.

His presentation covered several key topics, including Leadership, Attitudes, Mindset Change, Management, Corruption, and Personal Branding.

During his address on the issue of corruption, Dr Bigirimana emphasized that vice is pervasive within the Public Service.

He pointed out the troubling reality that individuals in institutions mandated to investigate and fight corruption are often accused of engaging in it themselves.

In sharing his personal experiences as an Accounting Officer, Dr Bigirimana recounted an incident involving some Members of Parliament (MPs).

He revealed that these MPs attempted to compromise him by requesting what they referred to as “facilitation.” Dr Bigirimana questioned the legitimacy and moral authority of these MPs in demanding accountability from him, given their own questionable actions.

Despite these challenges, Dr. Bigirimana reaffirmed his commitment to accountability.

He stated unequivocally that, as an Accounting Officer, he is obligated to report to Parliament and does so whenever required without hesitation.

He has always appeared before Parliament to provide the necessary accountability, demonstrating his dedication to transparency and integrity.

The Judiciary’s statement urged the public to disregard the erroneous social media reports that seek to create an impression that Dr Bigirimana is not accountable to Parliament or any other institution.

The statement highlighted Dr Bigirimana’s impeccable record as one of the most compliant accounting officers throughout his tenure in various capacities.

Dr. Pius Bigirimana has long been recognized as a staunch anti-corruption activist. Throughout his career, he has been at the forefront of combating corruption across multiple ministries.

In the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Gender, Dr Bigirimana consistently fought against corrupt practices.

Notably, during his tenure in the Office of the Prime Minister, he played a crucial role in exposing a significant corruption scandal involving UGX 50 billion, positioning himself as a whistleblower in the process.

His unwavering stance against corruption has continued in his current role within the Judiciary. Dr. Bigirimana’s efforts have not been without impact.

The Judiciary’s statement serves as a reminder of Dr Bigirimana’s unwavering dedication to his duties and his significant contributions to the fight against corruption. His experiences and actions reflect a deep commitment to upholding ethical standards and ensuring transparency within public service. As an Accounting Officer, his track record remains exemplary, further cementing his reputation as a diligent and principled public servant.


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