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Signs of Prescription drug addiction and how it affects your health.

In most cases, when we think about drug addiction, we usually assume that the drugs involved are illegal substances like cocaine and marijuana. However, more and more people around the world are developing an addiction which is known as  prescription drug addiction. If you are unsure of the signs of prescription drug addiction and how it […]

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English words you have been using all wrong!

Am quite sure you all have a few English words you have been using all wrong. Guess what! We all do. There are specific words in the English language that we often find to sound correct even when they are utterly used all wrong. Fascinating  right? Today I have compiled a list of English words […]

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Creepy Apps that you should never download.

Play store does have various apps, many of which we have never explored. It is more like a vast land of apps and am quite sure there are apps you never even knew existed. Whereas there are apps you do not know about and how they function, there are also creepy apps that you should […]

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Weirdest things that ever fell from the sky.

It could be that the only thing you have ever seen falling from the sky is pure rain. Well, some people have seen more than that.  Imagine something scary dropping from the sky right into your own back yard. It could even be your worst fear.  Here are the weirdest things that ever fell from […]

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Recent Events that should go down in History .

Let us all agree that there are recent events that should go down in History and this is because they have been so major and have impacted the World gravely. Many people are of the perception that History is defined by happenings of the far past but I happen to believe that even yesterday is […]