Ten years ago, no one knew Brian Muhumuza, also known as Abryanz, as a fashion icon. But today, he is the face of fashion in Kampala.

The Abryanz brand has transformed from basic fashion to a worldwide fashion leader, reshaping Kampala’s fashion scene.

On Sunday, there was a fabulous celebration at Skyz House Naguru for Abryanz brand’s 10th anniversary brunch. People showed off their stylish outfits to impress everyone.

Abryanz himself looked amazing in his unique fashion style, as he always does.

He said, “This 10-year anniversary is a celebration of our journey together. It’s about empowerment, individuality, and dreams coming true. Thank you for being part of it!”

During these 10 years, Abryanz started the Abryanz Fashion and Style Awards (ASFAs), which have become a famous event. They have featured famous designers, models, and celebrities, bringing fashion talent from all over Africa together.

Even though ASFAs won’t happen this year, Abryanz promised exciting surprises for the next year’s event, making it the biggest celebration of African fashion excellence.

Abryanz’s personal style reflects the brand’s unique spirit, which influences their designs. He also stressed the importance of balancing his personal style with the brand’s evolving identity.

Looking ahead to the next decade, Abryanz promised more innovation, inclusivity, and expanding their reach.

“We have exciting plans to support emerging designers and promote African fashion globally,” he added.


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