Jowy Landa made headlines when she crafted a captivating cover for John Blaq’s hit song “Obubadi” during her S.6 days. The track, produced by T.O.N, was already one of Blaq’s most beloved pieces. Delighted by the rendition, Blaq shared Jowy’s cover on social media, causing it to go viral and catch the attention of the music industry.

Ecstatic about the recognition, John Blaq personally reached out to Jowy, expressing his appreciation for her talent. In a memorable conversation broadcasted on Galaxy TV, she recounted, “That was one of my best days ever.” Blaq, impressed not only by her cover but also by her potential, offered to write a song for her. However, Jowy declined the generous offer, citing that she wasn’t ready to pursue a singing career while still in school.

Jowy Landa

Despite her initial reluctance, Jowy Landa’s Obubadi cover acted as a catalyst for her entry into the music scene. The cover brought her to the attention of music managers, eventually leading her to secure her first manager in 2019 at the age of 17. Still attending Zana Mixed Secondary School, where she studied music, Jowy’s passion for music blossomed during her free time. Having lost her father at a young age, she found solace in backing up singers during studio sessions while in high school.

The breakthrough came when Pallaso noticed her Obubadi cover and reached out to her on Instagram. After a meeting at her mother’s house in Ndejje, Pallaso, then affiliated with Bango Entertainment, introduced Jowy to the music industry through auditions and connections with deejays and TV hosts. Unfortunately, a fallout between Pallaso and Bango Entertainment led Jowy to return to her mother’s house with only one hit song, “African Girl,” and unreleased tracks.

John Blaq

Facing challenges, Jowy sought new opportunities and engaged with various music managers, including Paul Owor, who made promises that didn’t materialize. Fortunately, she found support from Francis Kamoga, then managing Fresh Kid. Despite recording several songs, none achieved the desired success. Eventually, she was acquired by Sure Events for approximately 15 million, taking over from Nina Roz.

However, her time with Sure Events was short-lived, as financial issues and stagnation in her musical career prompted her departure. Turning to DJ Roja for guidance, Jowy faced contractual challenges due to her existing agreement with Sure. After negotiations, she was released from the contract, and she is currently under the management of Jeff Kiwanuka and DJ Roja. Jowy Landa’s journey in the music industry showcases resilience, determination, and the power of talent in overcoming obstacles.


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