It’s no longer news that singer Karole Kasita is pregnant because her baby bump has already begun to show and her friends as well as fans are so happy for her. We all are happy for kasita aren’t we? Whereas everyone thought kasita was to focus in her music career and neglect her personal life, she surprised all her fans with a baby.

The happiest however is is fellow musician Spice Diana who is a close friend of the singer. Spice apparently can’t hide her excitement about becoming an aunt to Kasita’s baby. Spice was so ecstatic after she met Kasita for the fist time since her trip to Canada. Spice Diana was all smiles as she touched Karole’s baby bump and told everyone who cared to listen that they are going to have a baby.

Spice went ahead to jokingly ask Karole Kasita why she betrayed her since they had a pact together. According to Spice, their pact was that both of them would give birth in the same time interval or Spice Diana would do so before Karole Kasita. It however seems Karole Kasita was either too impatient to wait for spice Diana or she sensed that Spice Diana is still into slaying therefore deciding to have her baby a little earlier.

It should be recalled that it was Spice Diana who first brought the news of Karole Kasita’s pregnancy to light during Winnie Nwagi’s recent Fire concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval. Many people were really surprised that the dancehall singer was indeed pregnant as nobody saw it coming.

It’s however not yet clear who ballooned Karole Kasita. All rumors, however, point to fellow singer, rapper Feffe Bussi since there was a dating rumor involving the pair before they released their collabo.

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