The rumor about the relationship between Singer Levixone and Desire Luzinda started way back when she got saved and many people claimed she did it for Levi even when she insisted that he was just mentoring her spiritually.

Desire then later flew into the country and the pair held a secret Introduction function. They later came out and claimed it was just a shoot for the new music video of a song where Levi was collaborating with Ray G.

Well, a section of Netizens believed this but some did not believe the pair at all. Currently as we speak, the sexy Desire Luzinda can’t take a week without posting about gospel artist, Levixone a.k.a Man of God as she calls him on social media.

She enjoys discussing him with her followers who get excited every time she mentions him. In all pictures she has posted, Desire is mostly always leaning into Levixone or putting her hands on him which spices up the viewer’s interest in the posts she makes.

At Levixone’s concert at Kololo Airstrip, she couldn’t get her hands off him while smiling from ear to ear. After his concert, Desire took it upon herself to thank the fans, and sponsors on his behalf as a good lover would do.

A section of fans have however noticed that Levixone pulls off the antics of a less interested man while Luzinda showers him with affection.In a recent interview, Desire disclosed that it is only Levixone who believed in her when she had lost hope and He assured her that she is enough.

Well, Now it is clear why she is smitten with him. On Wednesday, Desire also celebrated Levixone’s birthday with a cozy dinner. Dressed in a pink dress and shoes, she posted,

It’s a birthday celebration for the man of God”.

Her post was welcomed by Netizens who started looking out for what she had worn to his birthday gathering and all sorts soft news. Well, it has been a wonderful ride with Desire and Levixone so far and Netizens still anticipate for more.

Leticia Nambaziira

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