Singer Bruno K has, on many occasions been linked to News reporter Faridah Nakazibwe by the public. Many social media in-laws believe that the two are harboring a relationship from the public. According to Netizens’, it is simply impossible for a woman to burden herself while raising another man’s child all in the name of friendship when she has nothing to do with him romantically.

Faridah however made it a point to state that she is only doing this for friendship and that once she saw her friend needed help in raising his daughter, she rushed to his aid without hesitation.

Bruno K has also come out to mention that everything Faridah says is surely the truth because the pair does not share a romantic relationship but rather a strong bond of friendship. According to Bruno, he was too heart broken by his previous ex lover that he has not recovered from the heartbreak.

While speaking to a famous You tuber known as Ibra, Bruno mentioned that he was once in love with a lady whom he dated for a period of six years. He mentioned however that he could not last longer with her because she eventually betrayed him with fellow singer Ykee Benda.

Well, this led to the separation of two close friends, Bruno and Ykee because Bruno simply felt too betrayed to continue the friendship he had going with Ykee. Bruno mentioned that this was the worst case of betrayal because Ykee had only known this lady for two weeks while she had been with Bruno for years but she still gave in and got involved with Ykee.

When I met the pair at a lounge, I was shocked as I saw them standing together. When I approached to ask the lady something that involved the life of my sister, Ykee suddenly tried to pick a fight with me as he pushed me, saying I should stay away from his woman.” Said Bruno.

Bruno went ahead and mentioned that he lost all respect for Ykee since then because he had seen a terrible side to him that he had never witnessed before and had never thought he would ever see. He also mentioned that he nearly committed suicide because he had loved the lady so much.

“I then begun to see Ykee Benda in another light. I had never expected that of him so I could never bring myself to respect him again. I even nearly committed suicide because I loved this girl and Ykee knew all of this. “ he concluded

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