Musician Catherine Kusasira said she borrowed money because she had a purpose for it, in what was an attempt to dismiss claims that she had acquired a loan to spend it on NRM campaigns.

According to her, the money she borrowed was actually not meant for NRM activities but rather for her own personal projects which she was trying to foresee however much things did not turn out very well for her.

I used my house as collateral in a bank to acquire a loan for some projects I was pursuing, because most of the time we work to progress as you know, a person who is not hard-working doesn’t borrow. I borrowed money because I’m a hard-working woman so that I can make my life better,


According to Catherine, she failed in the music industry and therefore she decided to quit it and start up her own business in order to find a way to earn a living. In 2015, Kusasira launched her cosmetics startup that deals in wide-ranging beauty products. But she says she started encountering challenges during public marketing of her products because of being politically inclined to the ruling party

Music has failed, so you have to find a way to survive. As you know my businesses encountered challenges. I still make cosmetics but at a slow rate. cars carrying them would be chased because of the party I support and this affected operations


She said her music career has also been struggling and some of the promises that were made by President Yoweri Museveni to her are yet to be fulfilled. She mentioned that despite the fact that she was given the position of presidential advisor on Kampala affairs , she has had to go back to school because her employer feels she’s not fully qualified.

Leticia Nambaziira

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